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Think “Les Locales”!

Local professionnals on the heights of Nyon!

Some 100 local businesses at your service.

A great way to get the most of your area and find out about the local economy. Do you look for a craftshop, an IT specialist or a hairdresser close to home? Check our website (see below) or quarterly edition!


Do you run your own business?....

...in one of the villages within the area covered by the Association? Why not come and join us? It is a fantastic opportunity to promote your company or activity in both the local and expatriate communities. The objective is not only to make one’s self known but also to reinforce the partnership with other members. You will also benefit from multiple advantages and be welcome to attend the quarterly meetings.


For more information, contact Rachel


How to find the information I want on the website?


As a directory, each business is classified under one or more categories or subcategories depending on their field of specialisation.


Under each subcategory, you have access to the contact details of all the listed businesses. 


When you click on the "en savoir +" yellow button, you can access the business' own page which contains further information such as the languages spoken, the opening hours, etc.


Please find the headtitles translated below with direct link on the related page:


Habitat (Home/Real Estate)

All businesses - Architects - Heating equipment - Building industry - Energy - Home - Real Estate - Garden - Restoration 


Services (Service, Utilities)

All businesses - Administrative support - Insurances - Communication - Electronics - Events - Accounting & Finance - Education & Training - IT  


Commerces (Shops and Restaurants) 

All businesses - Food & Groceries - Recovery services - Garages - Catering - Restaurants - Transports - Other businesses


Santé - Loisirs (Health - Leisure) 

All businesses - Art & Crafts - Well-being - Kids - Leisure - Health & Fitness - Sports






L'Association "Les Locales" a été fondée le 27 juin 2008. Elle a pour but de promouvoir les activités des entreprises locales établies dans les communes des hauteurs de Nyon, Gland et Rolle.


Association Les Locales
1261 Le Vaud
tel +41 79 667 78 72

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